Q1. What is Dysphagia Grand Rounds?

Dysphagia Grand Rounds (DGR) is an online dysphagia journal club for speech-language pathologists and dysphagia clinicians. It includes monthly research article discussions via recorded webinars presented by Dr. Ianessa Humbert, to help clinicians learn how to critically appraise dysphagia research literature and better integrate it with their clinical practice.

Q2. How can I participate in Dysphagia Grand Rounds?

We post one new research article corresponding to a new dysphagia topic each month. As a clinician participating in Dysphagia Grand Rounds, you are encouraged to read this article and then watch a recorded webinar presented by Dr. Ianessa Humbert, where she further discusses the research study in detail. Clinician Rinki Varindani Desai poses questions at the end of each webinar to discuss the article's clinical applications and relevance.

Q3. How can I view the Dysphagia Grand Rounds webinars?

Each new DGR webinar will be released at the end of the month. Subscribers will receive a link to access it directly in their inbox. DGR webinar information will be posted on the Grand Rounds page and social media pages as well. You can view all the DGR webinars at http://dysphagiagrandrounds.yondo.com. Click on a course and View Details to learn more about it, such as additional suggested readings on each topic. Click Purchase to buy the webinar and watch at your own pace. NOTE: Since all the webinars are recorded, they can be watched anytime. Participants will have unlimited access to these webinars for up to three years.

Q4. How can I learn about new DGR topics each month?

Information about each month's DGR article and webinar is posted on the Grand Rounds page of this website. This will include the article title, name of the authors and journal, an abstract and links to download the free article and paid webinar. Please subscribe to the Dysphagia Grand Rounds mailing list to receive DGR updates and news every month via email (check your Promotions/Spam folder for DGR emails).

Q5. Is participation in Dysphagia Grand Rounds free?

All the resources posted on this website are free. We select open access articles to discuss that are free to download. The cost to purchase and watch the webinars each month is $15. Once purchased, access to the recorded webinar never expires. Payments can be made using a credit card, debit card as well as a PayPal account.

Q6. How can I ask questions about DGR articles/webinars?

We encourage you to ask questions about each month's journal articles and webinars. At this time, all webinars are in recorded on-demand format for ease of viewing. You can share any specific comments, questions or suggestions via the Contact page, email (dysphagiagrandrounds@gmail.com) or via the DGR social medial pages. Select questions will be addressed by Dr. Humbert in the webinars each month.

Q7. How can I get ASHA CEUs for watching Dysphagia Grand Rounds webinars?

You can now watch Dysphagia Grand Rounds webinars to learn and earn ASHA CEUs. Dysphagia Grand Rounds is partnering with an ASHA-approved CEU provider to make 1.2 CEUs (12 hours of continuing education) available to clinicians. These CEUs are valid anytime you complete the 10 DGR webinars. The DGR webinars are available for an annual CEU bundle price of $175. Once purchased, clinicians will have unlimited access to watch the recorded webinars online at their own pace, anytime. Please email us at dysphagiagrandrounds@gmail.com once you have finished watching the 10 webinars for your learning assessment. You will receive a Certificate of Completion once the assessment has been completed.

Click here to purchase the 2017 Dysphagia Grand Rounds CEU Bundle to earn 1.2 CEUs (12 hours of continuing education) for unlimited access to 10 Dysphagia Grand Rounds webinars